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don't have one. [Aug. 6th, 2008|08:33 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]

the bad: no job!
the good: road bike in sun, playing rockband, have fantastic pics from robert on facebook, and haven't been sleeping too much.
oh and in the process of getting nathan into Babylon 5. STNG for robert, anime for adam and now B5 for nathan. LOL if i do one thing per roommate then...
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graduation weekend and what nots [May. 26th, 2008|02:09 am]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

had my last final on thurs. somehow i didn't think the stats final would be that hard, but at least now it is over!! came home, went out to lunch with adam and robert then made some margaritas in celebration. we all sat around and talked.

Friday was a massive cleaning and some late night dumpster diving.

Sat was graduation. it rained. it only rained during the time i was going to graduate. i still can't make up my mind if it is better to be rained out or to be like last years in the broiling sun. Anyway i saw many old friends. AND JENNY!! i mean how many ppl get to graduate college with someone they have known since they were 5 yrs old?! It was also nice to see some of sandi's old ta's. I talked and then walked in with Matt, Mati and Meg. i love my mom. She saw how cold i was and tossed me an umbrella. Mati's never going to let me forget that. It was a perfect catch. and after all of the teasing about my lack of coordination. so there :P

So we finally get in and after like a min our dear (j/k) pres says "master's stand up. your now graduated. now bachelors stand up. your now graduated. you will receive your diploma in the mail." LOL!!! I do feel really bad for the ppl who cared about it. and i would have liked to hear the keynote speaker. and i would have liked my dad (who really does care) to be able to get the pic of me walking across the stage but other then that i don't really care. (except in that way of what is a ritual that markes a changing point in life)

I felt bad for everyone who came to see me. They were all so wet! but we had a good time (i think) i was reminded why i don't have parties anymore. i like being able to hang out with a few ppl and have a good conversation not bounce between ppl and never really be able to talk at all. Also with that many ppl my phobia of crowded places popped up. (Which just meant that i had to have the blinds open)
However it was really nice that everyone came. and i loved seeing everyone!! it is hard for me to get home-home and for a while it was like home-home came here to my home. :)!!! and i now have tons! of food. it was so fantastic to see ppl that i normally don't get to see!

After everyone left nathan came over and we talked then barefoot nathan and susanna came over. we all hung out for a while and then bf nathan and susanna left and mati came over. we went over to nathan's house and played rockband. or rather they played and i watched. then mati and i came back to my place. adam, robert and mike were drinking so we smoked the hookah with them and i drank. mati left and the the 4 of us stayed up late talking and laughing at old jokes on our last sat. together.
----- I need to post this but no one is allowed to mention that outside of this blog!!!!! seriously guys please don't get me in trouble with robert, i just need to gush! robert introduced mike to his grandparents. yay! and aww at the same time. (robert is moving away at the end of this week) he has finally found someone! but only to move away.

Today i saw Indiana jones and then 6 of us hung out and played games. tomorrow is scandia and games. oh and kyle and katie are almost moved into their new place! :)
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speed racer (no spoilers) [May. 12th, 2008|06:40 pm]
[mood |giddystessed]

i don't know if it was good or bad. parts were each. it has a lot of the newest type of film thing, flashing lights. no one with epilepsy should even get close to this film. The end feeling is like getting off a roller coaster. Not the emotional kind, but the great America kind. Huge adrenaline rush. (it made everyone very up). but the actual content of the movie, like character development and dialog, well not so much.
I liked how they translated the original animation into computer animation that resembles the original. (Even if it was lost on most of us who saw it)
OMG about to have one of my last classes!!
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puzzle [Apr. 7th, 2008|12:56 am]
[mood |awake]

went on the puzzle thing in santa rosa. fun times! we had a list of 16 haiku clues of places that we had to find and then a megaclue. we also had an answer sheet with 300 possible answers on it. a clue might be something like; a shingle flower, rodent with dripping red, three wooden numbers? (not the exact thing, but..)
the answer was a house at the corner of beaver st and cherry st with a rose shape made out of shingles. the address was in wooden numbers.
It was tons of fun, although we got some of them wrong and didn't have a clue on a few. But then again it is not like we knew the area extensively. I mean who would have known that "heavenly ramen" was the name of a mural and not "sushi to dia for". btw their sushi is meh and they are way over-prised!

the sad part..
as we were searching in the park a women hit her head and started having seizures. The guy who was there with her didn't know much and he said so. He asked me to take over. As I think about it, what i did was stupid. He had her in a partial rescue position and i had him put her in a full rescue position. later on someone handed over some towels and he put them under her head. The first rule when dealing with a major head/neck injury is DON"T MOVE THE HEAD!! I've had that drummed into me since i was 16 and what is the first thing i do, move her head! damn!! I hope i didn't cause her any more brain damage then she already had. (i'm sure she prob. has some from the way thins were looking) i don't think that i did but i don't know. stupid thing to have done!! i suppose this shows that i do need to retake my cpr classes. At least i didn't have to do cpr. he wanted to, but i said that she was breathing.
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fog [Nov. 7th, 2007|12:44 am]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

is cool! i love that soupy fog we get up here. I never had it in the south bay, but up here it is fantastic!
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the best way to end the year! [Dec. 31st, 2006|04:44 am]
[mood |lovedloved]

Eirn's b-day party. what a great last moment thing to happen. i've missed being out of contact with her. it's so funny that the girl that i used to play unicorns with is now 23. I wish i could help her with the problems she is facing, but only she can do it. at least she has her b/f and others to help her. between Tori and this last time she is having problems getting into cars. the fear takes hold and....
but tonight was great. everyone was back together, but with out the pretend and drama of old. It was just us with all of the new b/f-g/f, the past was left to itself.
but not all of the past. we still tend to curl up in one big ball. a sensual ball of love. (no sexual feelings except between b/f-g/f!) i miss those old times, though not the rest of it.
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ethics? read this and think [Nov. 27th, 2006|02:21 am]

watch/read this!
this pill could take away a lot of pain. I have no problem with that side of the ethical argument. We give people stuff for pain everyday. It doesn't make the incident go away, only the emotional attachment to it. My brother doesn't respond to morphine, so when he broke both of his arms they had to give him something (not this pill) so that later he wouldn't remember the pain. If we can do it in the hospital then why not out of it?
my problem with this drug is when the military gets control of it. Is it ethical to remove someone’s emotional attachment to the memory of killing another human being? Even if they are fighting "for us" i don't think i can justify this.
this is already out on the market. It is being used for stage fright and high blood pressure (lol, so was Viagra before they found out the "side-effects")
i don't know what to make of this story, except that i hope that it doesn't turn into a "brave new world"
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all destressed for the moment [Sep. 1st, 2006|01:47 am]
[mood |gratefulgrateful]

i went to KJ's tonight to have some fun and let some of the stress escape. I had so much fun! It was a combination of line dancing with some free style and what not. Thanks so much Lovinia!! We ran into Lori, Brian, and Anne. Some of the good ol' TA's. (K, so that TA semester had a bit too much yelling and ppl ready to kill each other over personality differences, and NO class should be taught in Warren, but SOME of the time it was good) (yay for post-ta meeting smoke-outs!)
This last week has been a mess. I've been PMS hardcore. That on top of me not being able to get my books until tuesday. my house is not packed and i'm moving in 7 days! I've been trying not to randomly explode at anyone for no reason, but with everything so wound up i came close. I can't wait until this moving thing is a distant memory and i can get back to working on my 19 units worth of homework. (yeah, it some how went from 15 to 19) I added an interesting psych of family class that i didn't want to drop. I think it will be a good look at some of the issues that come up.
now that i'm all unstressed i can finally get a good nights worth of sleep and feel good tomorrow!
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a moment of silence. [Aug. 23rd, 2006|01:48 am]
[mood |melancholymelancholy]

this is to the cat that prob. got run over by a car. he is dead out on my front lawn. he was a good cat who would always ask for pets when i was outside talking on my cell or just sitting on the grass. may he rest in pease and have many mice to play with!
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so everyone knows... [Jul. 20th, 2006|03:12 am]
[mood |moodymoody]

life right now is upside down. i either have to laugh at the universe or cry or some of both. right now i'm wound up so tight that i feel like i want to burst. I want to swim a mile to get rid of this feeling and yet have no energy.
my grandpa finally got out of the hospital on sunday. He now can barely walk or get around, but he is no longer 75 pounds. He's back to being as stubborn as normal, which is driving my parents nuts. he will only accept the bare minimum of help from outside ppl. I understand that feeling, but i think my grandparents could really use it.
work is long, time consuming, and tiring. i hate it, but it is only for another few weeks.
my cat is prob. going to die. she's very, very sick. all i can do is curl up with my teddy bear and cry until i have no more tears to shed. I can't do anything, i can't even hold her because i'm up here. i don't know which is worse, having her die now or having to make the disition to put her to sleep later. It hurts so much!! she got me though so of the hardest years of my life when all i wanted to do was die. she would purr me to sleep
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